Five Feet Apart by Rachael Lippincott
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

To tell the truth I was very disappointed with this book. It was a little hard to read at first, shorter than I expected and I was disappointed with the story. I wanted more from the characters and to see what happened during the 8 month gap at the end. Plus there were a few things I didn’t really understand and I don’t think were explained. Like can Stella and Will touch each other now that she has new lungs and if Will’s extra thing in his lungs that I cannot for the life of me spell, was so bad how did him giving Stella CPR not kill her? I also thought that Poe’s death was very out of place and that there was no need for it to happen. It seemed like the author just wanted the reader to fell bad. Also, I might have missed this part but do the kids just have no school during their treatments? And when Poe dies, Stella doesn’t even think that it was partly her fault at all, personally I think she should be feeling a little bit of survivors guilt, instead of resorting to being reckless and almost dying because of it. It doesn’t matter though, because I mostly read this book because I wanted to see the movie, which I am very excited for!