Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really loved this book. The third in the Harry Potter series has always been one of my favorites (besides the Goblet of Fire) because of all the time travel, I think. I LOVE time travel. So, let’s get started. Crookshanks was adorable and super smart when it came to Scabbers and his secret. It still feels really weird to me that he (Wormtail) lived with Ron for years and no one noticed, plus the fact that he was disguised as a rat and thought to be a pet is just disgusting. Also, I think another reason I really love this book might be because of the absence of Voldemort, this book and the Chamber of secrets (which technically kind of has Voldemort in it too) are the only ones that don’t feature him as a villain and I really like how Sirius is actually the good guy. (J.K. Rowling did this a lot better than MARVEL did **cough cough** Captain Marvel **cough cough** Marvel should hire her!) I think Harry really needed and adult friend/parental figure in his life and that part at the end where Harry is kind of announcing to Uncle Vernon that he has a criminal godfather is hilarious! I also really loved Lupin in this novel, and all the chocolate. At the end Harry says something like he never wants to eat chocolate again, which just shows how much he has been eating over the school year. Another part I found really funny was the quidditch match against Ravenclaw (I think) where Malfoy and his friends dress up as dementors and Harry sends his Patronus after them. I LOVE that part. Sadly, Fred and George weren’t in this book as much as the last one (same goes for Ginny) but I got such a happy feeling when they gave Harry the Marauders map. I also totally thought that Sirius was Moony (as in Padfoot, Wormtail, Moony and Prongs) and mixed up a few of there other names too, but now I get it (Moony as in the moon, which is what turns him into a werwolf right?) Harry Potter Essay Update: Almost done, I’m going to re-read and check it one last time today, then hand it in tonight!