Looking for Alaska by John Green
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was really good and although it is not my favorite John Green book (probably like my fourth favorite out of seven) I still really enjoyed reading it. The thing though is that I’ve already read this book. So you’re probably wondering, ‘Avalon! Haven’t you been saying you have an endless to-read pile? So why are you reading a book twice?’. And I’d answer to you: BookCon! I’m going to BookCon this summer and John Green’s panel is my #1 thing to see there out of EVERYTHING. Naturally, since his panel is taking about the mini-series adaptation they are making from this book it was necessary- nay! Obligatory! For me to re-read it before the con. So here are my thoughts…
I think the reason this book isn’t my favorite of John Green’s, is because of all the alcohol, cigarettes (not that I have a problem with those types of things in books, I just feel they were very present In this novel. I definitely do think they do make the story better, I’m just not a fan) and *sob* Alaska’s death! What the heck John Green, what are you always killing off my favorite characters XD. I really liked Takumi and his fox thing, it was hilarious! The Colonel was cool too and the pranks he and Miles (a.k.a. Pudge) pulled off were the best! My favorite was definitely the pre-prank though, with the hair dye and firecrackers. I was not a fan of Lara though, she was in the way of my Miles-Alaska ship so I wanted her gone. However, by the end of the book my ship was shattered anyway :(. Lastly, I think Alaska is my favorite character in this book because of how strait up awesome she was. Congrats on that John Green, in my opinion you have created the most awesome character ever. Her feminism, funniness and everything else about her (besides mood swings) was just perfect. I just wish she hadn’t… you know…. died. Stupid good books, always killing off my favorite characters XD.