Renegades by Marissa Meyer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was awesome!!! It was so thrilling, I couldn’t put it down and in my summer style, I ended up staying up later than normal, to finish ‘just one more chapter’ XD. Nova is awesome! I loved how sarcastic she was, and the way she had such a hard time fitting in with the good superheroes was so funny!!! I was laughing out loud at midnight! I also really liked Adrian. He and Nova were so cute together and that part where he was going to bring her sandwiches in the middle of the night was adorable. Also, that chapter where they crashed the little kids birthday party at the carnival was so sweet. Something that I wasn’t as much as a fan about though was how lax Nova was about using her Nightmare powers. Putting Danna to sleep was too much of a risk in my opinion and Nova should have just stuck it out like all of us non-prodigy humans have to. But, she does act like a villain and she is probably more rash because of how she was brought up. Also, allowing the anarchists into ‘her house’ was also very dangerous. Anyone of her Renegade friends could have barged in because they were her friends and that is what friends do. She was being very risky and if anyone were to suspect her real identity her entire scheme could be easily unraveled. However, the plan to fake her death was perfect, and the fun house was the best setting for it, in my opinion. I was actually freaked out while Adrian was scouting it out alone. On another note, Max was super cute; I think Marissa Meyer wrote him so well that you don’t really pity the character to the excess because of how well Max puts up with everything he has to go thru. He even would rather have had to stitch up his own wound than endanger someone to come and help him. The author made that character so brave and it works perfectly. Overall this book was super cool, but the cliffhanger ending left me pretty angry. Not because I thought it came out of nowhere; the twist was actually well set up. I didn’t see it coming, but once it was there I was asking myself how I hadn’t seen it. What I was angry about is how many books I’ve been reading lately that have ended like this. First The Knife of Never Letting Go now this?! I can’t take it! The next book I’ll be reading is the second book in the Chaos Walking series (which has finally arrived at my library) and I can’t wait to start it but now I’m going to have to alternate series every other book while I wait for the next one from my library. In conclusion, this book has made it onto my favorite books ever shelf, that alone shows how much I loved it! XD XD XD