The Ship of the Dead by Rick Riordan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

wow! Wow! Wow! WOW! This book is better than the original Magnus Chase book! It is better than both of the other two Magnus Chase books put together! Wow! Ok, where do I begin. T.J., I really liked how much more he was included in this book. I liked hearing about his backstory and how he died. Heck! I really loved hearing about all the residents of floor 19 (it was 19 right?) especially Mallory and her mom too. And that part where Sam put Mallory in the Walnut! Pure GOLD!!! (I am not a big fan of Halfborn Gunderson though). I adored this book and it got me laughing out loud. One of those laugh out loud times, was when the crowd kept going ‘Ooooohhhhh’ during the flyting at the end. That was so funny! I was laughing at 12 o’clock at night waking up my parents. They are probably writing Rick Riordan angry e-mails saying his books are too funny right now XD. ALSO!!!!!! Probably the most important part of the book! Was the kiss between Alex and Magnus! I totally didn’t see it coming and literally yelled ‘YES!’ once I re-read the passage a few times just to be sure. My brother is here to prove it if you don’t believe me (he was not very happy about the outburst). I think one of the reasons I really loved this book was the humor, even though every one of Rick Riordan’s books are funny, this one was just over the top, amazing! Wow!

I just checked and is this the last Magnus Chase book??? There aren’t anymore listed in the series that actually follow the chronological storyline!! I need more! Is there another?? Someone tell me!!!