Slay by Brittney Morris
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was actually a little disappointed with this book, but only at first. The description made it sound a lot like Ready Player One (which is one of my favorite books), and I was expecting a lot more of time spent in the virtual realm. I was also a bit surprised by how the duels were played with cards, but once I was able to understand the characters weren’t playing something like Magic the Gathering or Pokemon, it made more sense. I really hated Malcom during the entire book (not just after the big reveal), at first it was just a few things that were our of place about him, that I could have ignored. But those things just kept piling up. By the end (a.k.a. now) I despise Malcom; he is the biggest hypocrite in the history of book hypocrites. I also didn’t really like Wyatt (as you would expect); I went along with Kiera thinking he was the troll at first, but somehow I could almost tell it wasn’t going to be him. Books like this never introduce a villain like him so easily, then have the villain actually turn out to be that person. I also found the parts where the author would change perspectives a little confusing, there should have been a little more explanation of who we were hearing from now. Steph and Cicada were awesome, I think we would really get along. But something I couldn’t understand was how they interacted with their virtual surrounding without a treadmill under them or something. It just seems really dangerous and even at the end of the novel the main character ends up breaking her collar bone by jumping for something. Although this book was not written for me, I really liked it, despite my original disappointment, and totally recommend it. In my overall opinion, this book was great.
I really think the moral of this story important too, and every troll in the gaming world needs to read this to understand that what they are doing hurts. The cover was also gorgeous. Lastly, kudos to the author; this was a great debut novel, for which, it goes toward my summer reading challenge’s ‘New Voices’ requirement.
I won this book at BookCon, as an ARC, thru the Simon and Schuster Lollipop Game.

New voices: Read a debut novel.
Armchair traveler: Read a book set in a destination you want to visit