The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What the Heck!!!! This cannot be! How can you end a book like this, especially when I decide to stay up until 1:30am to finish it! I am dying!!! What is going to happen to Viola!!! And the next book isn’t going to be ready at my library for two weeks!!! I am not going to be able to survive these two weeks! Oh my god!!!…
Ok, my thoughts… I really, really liked this book! It was a little hard to understand what was going on in the story at first, and for a little while I actually thought it was a kind of what-if story about what would have happened if the mayflower colonizers had encountered the germ. But then there was the part about there being two moons so I understood that it had to be a different planet. Finally, after a ton of time puzzling over it, I understood that they’d come in spaceships from earth because of the fact that they said they’d used parts of the ships for houses when they’d first arrived. I really liked the grammar and misspellings in the writing, it totally made the book better in my opinion and gave Todd a very defined voice in the story. One things that kind of irked me though was how delicate and weak Viola was portrayed as in the book. It was somewhat ok because she killed Aaron in the end (a feat that I was predicting the minute that whole waterfall chapel scene began), but still, I think the author should have made her just a bit stronger than she is. She was always getting kidnapped and hurt and I just wasn’t a fan. But who knows, maybe things will get better in the second book (the one I have to wait two weeks for, ugh!!!). I was so sad about what happened to Manchee. I loved him from the start. All that about how he had to poo was adorable, and his voice was also very defined. It was so sad and I hated Aaron for killing him!!! It also seemed so different from other books where when characters die its not painful or the main character can literally do nothing or it is at least not too gruesome, whereas this time Todd had to choose between the two people who he loved most. And Manchee was the one who died. It was even worse because of how painful his death must have been. Lastly, I really liked the concept overall; being able to hear other people’s thoughts and such, but I also really liked that you could speak to animals. I would love to live in this universe as long as I wasn’t in Prentistown during the killings. Wow, all I have to say is wow… I LOVE THIS BOOK!
This book also completes the ‘The book was better’ part of the summer reading challenge because of the adaptation coming in the next year!!! I can’t wait because Tom Holland was cast as Todd!! I cannot wait!!!! (the cover and depictions of the noise, were also very cool)

The book is better: Read a book being adapted for TV or film this year.
Wheel of format: Read a book in a format that you don’t normally read in (­a graphic novel, poetry, a play, an audiobook, etc.).
Stay awhile: Read a book with more than 500 pages.
New voices: Read a debut novel.
Armchair traveler: Read a book set in a destination you want to visit